Hygiene during Kanchenjunga trek

Suffering Diarrhea or Dysentery at high altitude on a demanding trek can really soil your karma, so paying close attention to your personal hygiene during your trek will go a long way to keeping you happy and healthy.

The filthiest thing in any restaurant is not the toilet, it’s the menu.

Please read the tips below and try and adhere to them as best you can during your trip.

1. Always wash your hands with a hand sanitizer, before eating, after going to the toilet, and before brushing your teeth.

Kanchenjunga Trek Personal Hygiene

2. Never lick your fingers whilst eating no matter how delicious the food may be.

3. Keep your fingernails short and clean.

4. If using a water pouch, ensure the nozzle never touches the ground.

5. After visiting a tea house, home, museum, changing money, or meeting and greeting locals, sanitize your hands.

6. If you get a cold and feel the need to sneeze or chough, cover your mouth with your elbow.

hygiene during kanchenjunga trek

7. Don’t drink unpurified water.

hygiene during kanchenjunga trek

Don’t eat ice even from a glacier.

When using communal toilets make sure your clothing, belt, or bootlaces don’t touch the ground.