Kanchenjunga trek frequently asked questions

This page is shortlisted with frequently asked questions about Kanchenjunga Trek. Here, you can found answers to the generally asked question about the map, necessary permits, general itineraries, best time for the trek and other queries. These questions are asked by trekkers like you. Probably, you could find the answer to your general queries on this page.

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When is the best time to trek Kanchenjunga?

March to May and September to Late Novembers are the best time to trek Kanchenjunga. If you want to know about the trek condition in each month, you can refer to this page.

What are the recommended itinerary for the trek? 

Depending on your time frame, there are several itineraries you can choose. You can do Kanchenjunga Circuit (North to South -23 days or South to North – 23 days), Kanchenjunga North Base Camp -19 days, and Kanchenjunga South Base Camp- 16 days

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Is it necessary to have travel insurance for Kanchenjunga Trek?

All trekkers should ensure that they are covered by adequate travel insurance. The main risks facing trekkers in the Kanchenjunga area are high altitude sickness and diarrhea.

Both risks, if severe enough will require immediate evacuation to proper medical facilities. Make sure that your insurance covers; Emergency medical treatment, emergency evacuation, and that the policy covers you for the altitudes you will be trekking at, which is above 5000 meter/16404.2 feet

Is it safe to drink water in Kanchenjunga?

No. You cannot drink the water from the tap or streams in Kanchenjunga. Mineral water is not available on the trail. If available it is expensive to buy (perhaps 10 times more than in Kathmandu). You can use a water purifier or SteriPen.

The temperature can go up to -10 C / 14 F at night. During the day, it will be mostly warm. The temperature might be different on the different month. We don’t recommend you to rely on the weather forecast. It is still in the preliminary stage.

What are the permits require for Kanchenjunga trek ?

You need to obtain two separate permits for the trek. Restricted Area Permit and Kanchenjunga Area Conservation Permit. There must be at least 2 trekkers to obtain the permit. Learn more about Kanchenjunga permits 

Do you recommend any packing list?

Yes, we have a dedicated page for the packing list for Kanchenjunga Trek.

Do I need a porter for the trek?

We highly recommend you to take the porter for the trek unless you are a very experienced hiker. It will help you to enjoy the trek without worry too much about the backpack. The maximum weight for the porters is 20 kg including his 3 to 4 kg of the backpack. We provide good clothes and shoes for the porters. They prefer to walk on the light shoes and are used to snow.

Do I need to carry food, sleeping bag, and tent during the trek?

Short answer: Sleeping bag – Yes, Tent – No,  Food: high proteins, chocolates. Foods are available in Tea houses. There won’t be variety.  If you have some particular sauce, proteins bars, favourite chocolates, we recommend to bring them.

Long Description: There are tea houses along the trek, You don’t need to bring tent unless you want to have an experience sleeping in the tent. Tea houses don’t provide blankets. You must bring a sleeping bag with you. Make sure it is good enough for the cold weather (-20)

You will eat at teahouses. It will be a great experience to eat it with local and see how they live on the mountain. The choices of foods are very basic. We recommend you to carry proteins bars, chocolates or any thing that you love to eat at home. At the end of the trek, you will definitely carve your favourite food.

Where can I buy the map of the trek?

We give the map to all the trekkers that are trekking with us. If you have booked with the different agency, you can buy trekking map on your arrival in Thamel. It will cost you $4/$5. Look for the Himalayan Map house store. They have 3 to 4 stores in Thamel

Why don’t you recommend to take the flight to Suketar?

Suketar airport is in the hills. There is flight once or twice a week only in the trekking season. There is often cancellation of the flight. The flight is expensive compared to Bhadrapur.

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