Kanchenjunga trek with a purpose

Villages in the high alpine areas of Kanchenjunga receive limited government funding due to their remoteness and result in lack of government infrastructure. Local schools are funded by a combination of government and local bodies as well as donations by tourists, but these funds rarely cover expenses over the course of a year.

Local communities are poor and living expenses in remote areas is high. As you walk through these areas the hospitality and warm charm of the communities is starkly contrasted against their hard life of subsistence farming. The children are eager to learn and basis schooling, enjoyed without a second thought by the western world, is their only chance to rise above the poverty line.

To help these communities www.kanchenjungatrek.com donates ten percent of four of it’s treks every year to help fund these schools. If you are considering a trek to Kanchenjunga then please help these communities by choosing one of these treks.

Please contact us and we will send you more information regarding these special treks, and help us realize the dreams of these local communities.