Day 21: Trek from Yamphuding to Yangpang

Elevation of Yamphuding – 2080 m | 6822 ft
Elevation of Yangpang – 1007 m | 3304 ft

Yamphuding to Yangpang

We start with descending trail from Yamphuding, cross small bridge at Samekham and trail all the way next to riverbank of Kabeli Khola. As mention on previous day itinerary we will passes through village of Mamangkhe. There is Limbu Museum and Cultural Center on Mamangkhe. After exploring Limbu’s history we cross bridge at Khesewa River and follow slight ascending trail passing through the forest of Cardamom. On the way we will pass via several villages and eventually descend all the down to village of Yangpang. Tomorrow after a short trek we will divert off from regular Kanchenjunga South Trek from Taplejung, as we will not be retracing back to Biratnagar for returning Kathmandu instead we will fly back from Bhadrapur Airport. Bhadrapur is in Jhapa, which is eastern border with Indian Plain.

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