Day 17: Trek from Sele Le to Cheram

Elevation of Sele Le – 4290 m | 14071 ft
Elevation of Cheram – 3870 m | 12694 ft

porters having dal bhat for dinner

This will be definitely a long day as well as challenging too. We start will steep uphill section toward top of Sele Le Pass. Aerial view of Kanchenjunga North Side will be empowered by view of Mt. Makalu and Mt. Jannu. Always remember slowly and steady we can win the race so be patient and hike uphill. Once we reach the top it is final view of wild Kanchenjunga North. Uphill portion are almost over now, as it is only uphill from Cheram to Ramche (Kanchenjunga South Base Camp) where as rest of the day we will be descending down and down toward lower section of Kanchenjunga South. Cheram is now couple of hour’s downhill from top of Sele Le Pass. There are numerous big boulders on the trail that you can give any imaginary shape and objects all you need is to imagine may be you can view boulders as yeti, imaginary tall black animals that live on snow and mountains. The first village at Kanchenjunga South Cheram is at elevation of 3870 m and highest elevation that we will scale is only 4580 m at Ramche, i.e. Kanchenjunga South Base Camp.

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