Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek with outline itinerary

Here is a day to day itinerary of Kanchenjunga South Base Camp. This itinerary is based on the feedback and experience from our past trip to this region. Check our trip report and trip gallery to see how Kanchenjunga South Trek looks like. For other alternative check general page for Kanchenjunga Trek Itinerary.

Day 01
Kathmandu to Bhadrapur is a 45 minute, afternoon flight with good views of Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Kanchenjunga. Bhadrapur to Birtamod is a 40 min drive in a private jeep. Overnight in Birtamod, then bus to Taplejung. Birtamod is tropical and, mostly hot.

Day 02
Birtamod to Taplejung by local bus. The road is sealed and takes 8 to 10 hours. You pass through beautifully terraced fields and hills.

Day 03
Taplejung to Simbu, 8 hrs. It’s a long first day on the start towards Kanchenjunga South. You walk through terraced fields and forest, passing local teashop and lodges.

Day 04
Simbu to Khesewa, 5 – 6 hrs. Nice views of the Himalayas where you are heading towards over the next few days. Similar to the previous day walk, terraced field, local shops and lodges.

Day 05
Khesewa to Mamangkhe, 5-6 hrs. Mamangkhe is the heart of the Limbu cultural region. There is a museum and cultural center in Mamangkhe. Also the Rai and Kirat ethnics groups live in Mamangkhe. Some people just trek up to Mamangkhe, and then return. This trek is named the Limbu Cultural trail.

Day 06
Mamangkhe to Yamphuding, Yamphuding the biggest village in south side of Kanchenjunga. We spend a rest day here.

Day 07
Well earned rest day in Yamphuding, which helps with acclimatizing. There are no higher side trips so just explore the village and get to know the locals.

Day 08
Yamphuding to Tortong (Torongding), is a long walk of 9 hrs. The trail is mostly up, and passes through yak pastures and dense forest in some parts.

Day 09
Yamphuding to Cheram, 4 – 5 hrs. A short day with nice views of a mix of forest and mountains.

Day 10
Cheram to Ramche, 3 hrs. Lunch in Ramche, then you can hike another 2 hrs toward the Kanchenjunga South Base Camp. Overnight in Ramche, but accommodation is very basic.

Day 11
Ramche to Torongding, 6 -7 hrs. This will be pretty easy walk, mostly descending where you may meet trekkers on their way up to Ramche. You then climb towards the pass at Cheram before Torongding.

Day 12
Torongding to Yamphuding, 7 – 8 hrs. A little tough with frequent accents and descents. Yamphuding is the biggest village on the south side of Kanchenjunga, and from here you have two choices. Either trek back to Taplejung via same trail which takes 3 days, or trek a more interesting route towards Kamdime, which takes 2 days. From Taplejung it is an 8 – 10 hrs drive back to Birtamod. From Kamdime it is a 13 to 15 hrs drive back to Birtamod.

Day 13
Yamphuding to Khebang, 5 – 6 hrs. A low hill trek, passing through unspoiled local villages and terrace fields. This is a rarely used trail and was first used by our guide Dawa. Locals do not have a lot of contact with trekkers and are very friendly and curious. Homestay is available in Khebang.

Day 14
Khebang to Kamdime, 6 – 7 hr. There is a regional school in Kamdime, with a play ground. The local teahouse is next door.

Day 15
Drive from Kamdime to Birtamod, approximate 14 hrs. The first 3-4 hrs is off road, then you will merge in the Taplejung to Birtamod Highway to Taplejung.

Day 16
Short (40 minute) drive back to Bhadrapur, then fly back to Kathmandu.