Kanchenjunga Trek With Purpose in November is our fourth and last trekking scheduled for 2015 in Nepal. The main aim of trek in October and November is to help school raise funds for daily operation during off-season time of December, January and February. If this time is not feasible for you there are no more options for Kanchenjunga Trek With Purpose in 2015. We will be re organizing the same itinerary and same trek on 2016, you can go for any one out of four Kanchenjunga Trek With Purpose; browse our homepage for list of organized trekking next year. Itinerary is planned to explore both Kanchenjunga North and Kanchenjunga South Base Camp, i.e. Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek. Almost a month long trek start from Taplejung and end on Thorpu. First we will explore wild northern hemisphere of Kanchenjunga and traverse to southern part via Sele Le Pass. On initial we are providing cost of twin sharing basis with two trekkers on a group where as after increase in number of trekkers we will recalculate the cost and keep updating about entire details of Kanchenjunga Trek With Purpose March. Before we move toward details itinerary of our fund raising trek here are some useful section within our blog that are about Frequently Asked Question, Online Kanchenjunga Trek Map that will help you for general idea about Kanchenjunga Region. Kanchenjunga Trek Packing List, Brief idea about Acute Mountain Sickness and Importance of Travel Insurance are worth to read.

[su_box title=”Day 01 – Warm greeting, welcome to Nepal; Arrival in Kathmandu and Transfer to Hotel” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

We recommend our respective Kanchenjunga Trekkers to obtain Nepal Visa as per arrival cause it will be more easier in compare to applying it from your home country. As per arrival in Kathmandu Airport you need to fulfill custom formalities in visa desk, after which you can escape from hustle and bustle of arrival terminal. Look for someone who is holding display board mentioning “Kanchenjunga Trek With a Purpose” once you find your name on checklist he/she will shift you to hotel in Thamel. After which you will have free afternoon or evening depending on your schedule, can walk around street of Thamel and spent a beautiful time. Remember this is last day for arrival in Nepal in order to attend Kanchenjunga Trek With a Purpose.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 02 – Guided city tour and pre trek meeting along with welcome dinner” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Since we need to posses original copy of passport in order to issue Kanchenjunga Trek Permit this second day is allocated for sightseeing in Kathmandu as on background process of obtaining permits will be carried out. You will explore five different places of Kathmandu Valley, which are listed on world heritage sites. Approximated time at which sightseen will end is about 5:00 pm after which free hour will be provided where as at evening we will gather together for welcome dinner which will be conducted on one authentic restaurant along with live cultural show. Pre trek meeting will be conducted where all things will be described on brief about Kanchenjunga Trek, as well as our guide will join us for dinner.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 03 – Flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar and Drive to Phidim” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Whole crew will fly from Kathmandu to Biratnagar via Buddha Airlines with first preference and Yeti Airlines on second preference. As soon as we reach Biratnagar extreme warm will greet us cause it is just at elevation on 81 m from sea level with border to India. Soon we will leave Biratnagar, as availability of flight to Suketar is not certain we will drive to Phidim by the bus, where we will spend our first overnight stay.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 04 – Drive from Phidim to Suketar” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

We will be driving through out the major road from Phidim to Suketar and stopped in front of tiny airstrips of Suketar. Now we can major market area of eastern Nepal after Taplejung, which is mostly inhabited by Limbu and Rai (Mongolian Race) Small but pretty houses in Suketar, very friendly people who seems always smiling and cheerful.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 05 – Our official kick-start day of Kanchenjunga Trek With a Purpose, Trek from Suketar to Mitlung” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

These areas where we are starting our trek belong to lower Kanchenjunga Section, which hold adequate fertile terrain as well as beautiful village and pastures. Since we are loosing altitude entire trekking trail is downhill up to Mitlung, which is at elevation of 921 m from sea level. At the last part of trek we will be walking all the way next to Tamor River heading toward northern ridge from where descending further 350 m down will lead to Mitlung. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 06 – Numerous ascend and descend before Chirwa, Trek from Mitlung to Chirwa” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Rai, Limbu and Magar dominate Taplejung as well as eastern part of Nepal; Chirwa is not exception it is beautiful village occupied inhabited by Limbu. At the starting of trek we will be ascending and descending continuously and at the middle of Trek from place named Tawa we will follow minor ascend and cross suspension bridge next to Thiwa. There exist few lodges and retail stores where we spend another beautiful night. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 07 – Trek from Chirwa to Sekathum” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Some companies mentioned it as Sekathum, some as Sukathum even Sukethum, but regardless of name we will be trekking there for next overnight stay, which is at elevation of 1578 m from sea level. Perfect blend of gentle uphill as well as downhill trail passing through lush green field we will head toward Sekathum.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 08 – Challenging Trail to Amjilosa, Trek from Sekathum to Amjilosa” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

As today we will be traversing through dense forest, steep trail, climbing a gorge that includes tricky section too. Slow and steady wins the race do not be in panic on reaching Amjilosa, follow instruction of guide and be more careful on trekking especially during steep section near gorge..[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 09 – Trek from Amjilosa to Gyabla” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Before reaching Gyabla, where Tibetan Settlement can be found we will traverse through dense forest of bamboo, fir as well as Rhododendron (National Flower of Nepal). Apart from this trail accompanied by stunning waterfall generate from High Mountain that make entire day more memorable and enjoyable.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 10 – Trek to Capital of Kanchenjunga Trek, Trek from Gyabla to Ghunsa” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Ghunsa, Like Namche Bazar in during Everest Base Camp Trek Ghunsa is major village of Kanchenjunga Trek, which is mostly inhabited by Sherpa. Ghunsa is a big valley, which start near from Phale, where Tibetan Refugees are settled. One can buy some local handmade Tibetan Stuffs as souvenir from Phale before heading further ahead toward Ghunsa..[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 11 – Acclimatization day in order to adapt with high altitude toward Kanchenjunga Base Camp” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Since rest day should not be understood as resting entire day, one needs to be physically active during these acclimatization days we will manage to hike Laspsan La Monastery and retrace back to Ghunsa by afternoon.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 12 – Trek from Ghunsa to Kambachen passing via landslide section” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

We will head toward Kambachen along with mountain ranges piercing dense pine and rhododendron forest, further ahead we will encounter with water fall and tricky section of Landslide. Trail might change in one entire day because of landslide, which is quite frequent on these areas. Right after traversing landslide area further tricky trail are for our fitness test for Kanchenjunga Trek, however spectacular view of Mt. Jannu is rewards of hard trek from Ghunsa to Kambachen.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 13 – Another acclimatization day in Kambachen” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

As we are already on elevation on 4050 m from sea level, we will spend another day in Kambachen. Although in previous day we suggest not being inactive during rest day but we will be like oho rules are meant to be broken, lets stick in guesthouse today. Today we will not hike further more as depending on weather some relax, bath or wash a clothes and late afternoon we will explore Nupchu river valley area. Which will help a lot for participant to get acclimatize with higher elevation.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 14 – Early start long trek to Lhonak from Kambachen” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

We will start quite early to pass all the challenges of day, as we need to pass through rocky field, large stone boulders with different unique shape. After this entire rocky field we will be arriving in river further from their waterfall. Being reaching a landside zone again we will be taking some rest in Ramtang Monastery. Landslide section is quite frequent to landslide so we will cross entire landslide section with fast and steady pace. After this we will descend a bit to river and arrive at Lhonak.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 15 – Kanchenjunga North Base Camp, Trek to Pangpema (North Base Camp)” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Trek entire way up to Pangpema along with Kanchenjunga Glacier, one need to be careful as rocky part are prone to landslide. After lunch in Pangpema we will hike further to explore the beauty of Mount Kanchenjunga from northern side. It might be very cold to explore outside till late afternoon so we will head back to lodge on Pangpema before sunset.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 16 – Trek back from Pangpema to Kambachen (Two camp on the way up)” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

While on our way up we had spent a night in Lhonak from Kambachen and then only to Pangpema, but today as we are descending all the way down to lower elevation it will not a big deal to walk long while descending. Enjoying different view of Mount Kanchenjunga, Taple Shikhar we will continue down to valley of Kambachen and spend a night there before heading to Ghunsa.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 17 – Trek down from Kambachen to Ghunsa, Capital city of Kanchenjunga Trek” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Exactly the same trail, same distance probably same lodge but in opposite way. Confused, ok let us explain do you remember 12th day of your “Kanchenjunga Trek With a Purpose” no need to scroll up to see, we were all on the trail up from Ghunsa to Kambachen. We will descend all the way down from Kambachen to Ghunsa with mountain ranges of backdrops..[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 18 – Trek toward Kanchenjunga South Base Camp, Trek from Ghunsa to Sele Le” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Before traversing entire Sele Le Pass we will stop before the pass and spent a night there. This area is quite famous for view of snow leopard, as many trekkers had claimed of spotting snow leopard on this section. Make you camera handy to shot snow leopard. We will pass through forest of moss and rhododendron as well as juniper all entire uphill trails before spending a night in Sele Le.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 19 – Cross Sele Le Pass and trek to Cheram from Sele Le” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

One strenuous day as we will cross several passes like Sinion La, Sinelapche La and Mirgin La, as well as steep up in early trek toward top of Sele Le, but effort are worth one we get chance to see south face of Mount Makalu, i.e. 6th highest mountain in the world. At the last part of trek we will descend steeply and spend a night in Cheram.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 20 – Kanchenjunga South Base Camp, Trek from Cheram to Ramche and again back to Ramche” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

We will start quite early in the morning cause same day we will be returning back to Cheram from Kanchenjunga South Base Camp. Passing via Yalung Glacier and Simbuwa River. Traversing through Lapsang Village we will reach Ramche and walk further up from valley toward moraine top for tremendous view of Southern Face of Mount Kanchenjunga. Depending on circumstance we might hike up toward Oktang Monastery before returning back to Cheram.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 21 – Trek down from Cheram to Tortong, Traverse left toward Tortong, as right will again lead to Sele Le Pass” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

When we leave toward Tortong we will encounter with Y junction trail where right lead back to Sele Le Pass and left one head toward Tortong. Following left trail we will descend further toward Tortong passing forest bloomed by rhododendron forest and along the way flow with Simbuwa River before spending a night in Tortong.
Day 22 – Trek from Tortong to Yamphuding.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 23 – Toward lower elevation, Trek from Yamphuding to Yangpang” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Loosing almost 1000 m of vertical elevation will lead us to thick air instead of thin air like in higher elevation. On the way down we will pass through Mamangkhe which hold Limbu Museum and Culture Center, further from there cross bridge over Khesewa River, pass through several villages, pierce cardamom forest we will descend down to Yangpang..[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 24 – Divert our trail from Taplejung by heading to Thorpu, i.e. trek from Yangpang to Thorpu” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]Instead of heading toward hustle bustle market area of Taplejung we will descend toward Thorpu, which save our time as well, as offer view of beautifully terraced field and village. Apart from this beauty people here are amazingly hospitable where we will enjoy one last night in village almost end of Kanchenjunga Trek With a Purpose.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 25 – End of trek, Drive from Thorpu to Birtamod” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

As we are approaching flat part of Nepal, which are connected by major highways and blacktopped road, as we will drive all the way from Thorpu to Birtamod. One can feel change in altitude causing temperature warmer in lower belt as well as drastic change in landscape from hill, terrace to valley. Birtamod center of eastern Nepal hold some good hotels where we will spend a night.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 26 – We will back to Kathmandu, Drive to Bhadrapur and Fly back to Kathmandu” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Short drive from Birtamod to Bhadrapur will let us catch the flight from Bhadrapur Airport from where we will fly back to Kathmandu, upon reaching in Kathmandu we will be relocated on Thamel our hotel where we will have free afternoon, one can buy souvenir simply wandering around street of Thamel. Late afternoon on our successful trip to “Kanchenjunga Trek With a Purpose” we will through small celebration dinner with Nepali Traditional Meal in Nepal.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 27 – Farewell, Thanks for one step toward mankind and humanity” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

As per your international departure itinerary we will drop you on international terminal. Nothing more to trade but do share your experience and picture as well as let other know more about “Kanchenjunga Trek With a Purpose”.[/su_box]

Still confused and have question . Please contact us using the contact us form or leave comment below. Browse our Kanchenjunga trek Faq section for frequently Asked Question

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