Kanchenjunga Trek With Purpose in March is our first trekking scheduled for 2015 in Nepal. The main aim of trek in March and April is to help school raise funds for daily operation during off-season time of June, July and August. Still there are three more treks to go one on April, one on October and another one on November. If this time is not feasible for you there are three more options. Browse our Kanchenjunga Trek With Purpose April, Kanchenjunga Trek With Purpose October and Kanchenjunga Trek With Purpose November. Itinerary is planned to explore both Kanchenjunga North and Kanchenjunga South Base Camp, i.e. Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek. Almost a month long trek start from Taplejung and end on Thorpu. First we will explore wild northern hemisphere of Kanchenjunga and traverse to southern part via Sele Le Pass. On initial we are providing cost of twin sharing basis with two trekkers on a group where as after increase in number of trekkers we will recalculate the cost and keep updating about entire details of Kanchenjunga Trek With Purpose March. Before we move toward details itinerary of our fund raising trek here are some useful section within our blog that are about Frequently Asked Question, Online Kanchenjunga Trek Map that will help you for general idea about Kanchenjunga Region. Kanchenjunga Trek Packing List, Brief idea about Acute Mountain Sickness and Importance of Travel Insurance are worth to read.

[su_box title=”Day 01 – Arrival in Kathmandu and Transfer to Hotel in Thamel”  box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

As per arrival in International Airport just look after your personal name card or banner of Kanchenjunga Trek With A Purpose, just incase if you had not applied for visa from your country then you were supposed to get one before stepping out of arrival terminal which is just few minutes task but might need to stay in queue for a while, no worries follow the rules, accomplished the task and search for name cards after which just check your name on list. After confirmation we will transfer you to pre booked hotel in Thamel, onward which you will have free time in Thamel for walk around, prepare for trek if you need to buy some stuffs for trekking. All trekkers will be in Kathmandu not late than this date cause next day we need to issue Kanchenjunga Trek Permit.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 02 – Kathmandu world heritage sites tour (5 different sites listed on UNESCO world heritage site) and welcome dinner in evening along with introduction section with guide” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Either way we need to spent one entire day in Kathmandu cause it takes couples of hour to issue permits necessary for Kanchenjunga Trekking, so it’s wise to explore famous world heritage sites of Kathmandu. Early morning after breakfast we will head toward Patan Durbar Square, from where our next destination will be Pashupatinath Temple (Hindu Temple) and Bouddhanath from where directly to Swoyambhunath (Monkey Temple). The place left to explore is Kathmandu Durbar Square where we will manage to be before 3 o’clock because in between 3 o’clock to 3:30 o’clock living goddess Kumari will be show her presence from her window inside Kumari House. After that exploring museum we will walk back toward Thamel, which is almost, one-hour trail passing via hustle bustle of Narrow Street in Ason, typical local market of Kathmandu Nepal. For celebration of starting of Kanchenjunga Trek we will join welcome dinner where some typical cultural show will be held, however will enjoy entire things like Nepali food, cultural show and introduction with guide along with briefing about Kanchenjunga Trek.


[su_box title=”Day 03 – Drive from Biratnagar to Phidim, after Kathmandu to Biratnagar via flight” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Along with guide and leader entire crew will be shifted to domestic terminal in order to catch flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar, most probably we will be flying through Buddha Air (comparatively safest airlines in Nepal). Depending on time of arrival in Biratnagar we will have either breakfast or lunch and head toward Phidim via driving through slight uphill trail toward Phidim’s countryside where we will spend our first night.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 04 – Drive from Phidim to Suketar” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Second day of leaving from Kathmandu is again followed by early morning drive toward Taplejung, which is headquarter of Eastern Nepal mostly inhabited by Mongolian Ethnic People. From Taplejung we will officially start our walking on our own following uphill ridge toward Suketar, where a tiny airstrip is located and small teahouse and lodges are available for overnight stay with friendly local people.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 05 – Trek from Suketar to Mitlung” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Now we are moving toward wilder upper section of Kanchenjunga, first day of trek we will be descending all the way down via fertile pasture and terrain along with several beautiful villages on the way. Right before final descend of approximate 400 m toward Mitlung we will farewell Tamor River and arrive in Mitlung which is located at elevation of 921 m from sea level. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 06 – Trek from Mitlung to Chirwa with numerous minor uphill and downhill track” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Beautiful village accompanied by Rai, Gurung Limbu Chirwa is small in size but very rich in culture and hospitality with cheerful people. In early part of today trail is it combination of minor up and down but we will carry on and mange to reach Thiwa crossing suspension bridges on the way which herald arrival of Chirwa for overnight. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 07 – Trek from Chirwa to Sekathum” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Passing through lush green vegetation we will follow trail toward Sekathum, which is at elevation of 1578 m from sea level. As altitude is about to be gained in compare to last night we will be mostly trekking through uphill trail that is very mild and gentle uphill. Sekathum often known as Sukathum or Sukethum is ideal for one more night before challenging trail to Amjilosa. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 08 – Trek to Sekathum to Amjilosa” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Dense forest, steep upward trail, tricky gorge and slippery trail in some particular gorge are responsible for challenging nature of trail toward Amjilosa. Just follow instruction of guide and trek slowly, may be use of walking pole is additional advantage with improved stability while walking through difficult section of trail. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 09 – Trek from Amjilosa to Gyabla” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Cascading series of waterfall from ridge of rocky wall, bamboo forest and Tibetan settlement before Gyabla are major attraction of trail today on way from Amjilosa to Gyabla. Apart from bamboo forest we will traverse some fir and rhododendron forest where rhododendron is national flower of Nepal.  [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 10 – Trek from Gyabla to Ghunsa, most developed settlement of northern side of Kanchenjunga” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Almost fully accompanied by Sherpa Ghunsa is biggest settlement throughout Kanchenjunga Trek Trail, both Kanchenjunga Base Camp South and North. Valley of Ghunsa start from Phale where Tibetan refugees are settled and offer some trade of local handmade Tibetan stuffs as a souvenir. As we are about to spend one more night in Ghunsa we can just walk around village late afternoon depending on arrival time in Ghunsa. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 11 – Acclimatization day in Ghunsa for adaptation with high altitude of Kanchenjunga North Base Camp” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

As per rule of high altitude sickness one needs to take rest for one day with every gain in 600 m elevation, since we are doing some up and down in elevation instead of continuous going upper terrain we were not following this rule strictly however we are already on high elevation area of Ghunsa so we spend one entire day here with walk around to Lapsang La and Monastery.  [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 12 – Trek from Ghunsa to Kambachen” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Trail toward Kambachen is not so easy as one’s imagination cause trail is consisting of landslide section, dense forest of pine and rhododendron. After taking enough rest before stepping on area that is prone to landslide we will pass landslide zone as fast as possible, cause chances are high for small rock fall and landslide. It’s a fitness and technique test for trekker however view of Jannu is rewarding which is also known as Mount Kumbakarna. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 13 – Acclimatization day in Kambachen” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Another successive acclimatization day during Kanchenjunga Trek on Kambachen give us enough room to adapt for highest elevation area of entire Kanchenjunga Trek Trail. As we are already on elevation of 4050 m from sea level we need to be careful and see whether we are developing any sign of high altitude sickness as well as late afternoon walk around Nupchu River Area. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 14 – Trek from Kambachen to Lhonak” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Lhonak one camp before Pangpema, i.e. Kanchenjunga North Base Camp is located on isolated valley connected by rocky boulders and landslide prone area. We need to start quite early in the morning and with enough rest cross entire landslide prone area as faster as possible in steady pace. Finally descend and merging with river trail we will shift ourselves on Lhonak. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 15 – Trek from Lhonak to Pangpema (Kanchenjunga Base Camp North)” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Moraine walk next through Kanchenjunga glacier we will traverse entire rocky portion of trail. Once we reach Pangpema we will settle on stone hut and hike up a bit toward ridge for magnificent view of Kanchenjunga North Ridge and it’s glacier. Our final destination of northern hemisphere of Kanchenjunga, Pangpema. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 16 – Trek from Pangpema to Kambachen” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Because of downhill terrain and loosing altitude we will hike down bit long than previous day. Starting right after breakfast we will walk in slow and steady pace toward Kambachen. Farewell to Kanchenjunga North Ridge. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 17 – Trek from Kambachen to Ghunsa” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Again back to capital of Kanchenjunga North, we will trek down to Ghunsa from Kambachen passing via same trail. Depending on day of week there might be some fresh meat on Ghunsa, let enjoy a part of it with beautiful settlement of Ghunsa along with cozy accommodation in compare to previous freezing nights. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 18 – Trek from Ghunsa to Sele Le” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

There exist stone hut on Sele Le, which serves as camp for Sele Le, as it is almost impossible to traverse to Cheram from Ghunsa in one walking day. Most wild section of Kanchenjunga as one might encounter with snow leopard somewhere on middle of dense forest, make your camera handy. We will not allow walking late afternoon outside lodge area. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 19 – Trek from Sele Le to Cheram” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

With heart breaking uphill trail to top of Sele Le Pass we will enter on southern hemisphere of Mount Kanchenjunga. View of Mount Makalu, i.e. 5th highest mountain in the world is final scenery of northern trekking trail. From top of Sele Le we will descend steeply and get settled on Cheram. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 20 – Trek from Cheram to Ramche and back to Cheram (Ramche is Kanchenjunga South Base Camp)” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Oktang Monastery, final man made stuffs on southern base of Kanchenjunga is another dead end or final destination of Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek. We will start quite early in morning and trek via Yalung Glacier as it is also known as Yalung Base Camp, mange to explore southern area of Kanchenjunga and retrace back down to Cheram. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 21 – Trek from Cheram to Tortong” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Bypassing trail toward Sele Le Pass we will head left ridge of trail and descend to Tortong that is mostly accompanied by rhododendron forest and trail passes through Simbuwa River. Tortong is just next to Yamphuding, i.e. biggest village on southern Kanchenjunga. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 22 – Trek from Tortong to Yamphuding” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

With elevation difference of 1000 meter, we will enter in thick air and lush green vegetation area of Yamphuding. On the trail toward Yamphuding we will encounter with Limbu Museum and Culture center in Mamangkhe before descending further down to Yamphuding via villages and dense forest. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 23 – Trek from Yamphuding to Yangpang” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

In order to save time and explore new place we will divert toward Thorpu instead of retracing back again to Taplejung. Trail enters through terraced filed and new villages with most hospitable people in Kanchenjunga Trail where we will spend our second last night in countryside. Yangpang is almost 1000 m lower in elevation in compare to Yamphuding. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 24 – Trek from Yangpang to Thorpu” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

As we had already bypass trail toward Taplejung we will further descend down to settlement of Thorpu. It is last days of trek as from Thorpu we can easily get some drive to Birtamod on side of Jhapa. Trail passes through terraced fields and several settlements of lower belt of eastern Nepal. We will also fly back to Kathmandu from different airstrip than that of Biratnagar, which we had used before. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 25 – Drive from Thorpu to Birtamod” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Birtamod, center area of eastern cities that is located near Jhapa in lower elevation because of this location today we will descend all the way down via countryside road from Thorpu to Birtamod. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 26 – Drive from Birtamod to Bhadrapur and fly back to Kathmandu” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

Short drive shift us from Birtamod to Bhadrapur Airport, where we will catch the flight toward Kathmandu and locate back on Thamel, wow almost end of Kanchenjunga Trek and final days in Nepal. Tonight we will celebrate for successful accomplishment of Kanchenjunga Trek With a Purpose in some local restaurant in Thamel. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”Day 27 – Final Departure, Transfer to airport according to flight schedule” box_color=”#ececec” title_color=”#459967″]

As per international travel schedule we will arrange necessary vehicles for final drive from Thamel to International Airport, while on other hand if you are looking to stay for some couple of days in Nepal then onward will be on your own. [/su_box]

Still confused and have question . Please contact us using the contact us form or leave comment below. Browse our Kanchenjunga trek Faq section for frequently Asked Question

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