Kanchenjunga trek frequently asked questions

This page is shortlisted with frequently asked questions about Kanchenjunga trek. Here, you can found answers to the generally asked question about the map, necessary permits, general itineraries, best time for trek and other queries. These questions are asked by trekkers like you. Probably, you could find answer to your general queries on this page.

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When is the best time to trek Kanchenjunga ?

March to May and September to Late Novembers are the the best time to trek Kanchenjunga. If you want to know about the trek condition in each month, you can refer to this page.

Is it necessary to have travel insurance for Kanchenjunga Trek?

All trekkers should ensure that they are covered by adequate travel insurance. The main risks facing trekkers in the Kanchenjunga area are high altitude sickness, and diarrhea.

Both risks, if severe enough will require immediate evacuation to proper medical facilities. Make sure that you insurance covers; Emergency medical treatment, emergency evacuation, and that the policy covers you for the altitudes you will be trekking at.

Is it safe to drink water in kanchenjunga?

No. You cannot drink the water from the tap or streams in Kanchenjunga. Mineral water is not available on the trail. If available it is expensive to buy (perhaps 10 times more than in Kathmandu). You can use a water purifier or SteriPen.