Meet the team behind this Kanchenjunga Trek Blog, i.e.

The initial idea was to provide free and independent information necessary for this trek. Later with high volume of queries we decided to start operating the trek. Starting from March 2015, we had already operated more than 15 different trekking groups. You can check the trip report on the home page. Many changes were made, after discussing with the guides, itinerary were redesigned. Also map was updated with the new exit route from Khebang in Kanchenjunga South.

We like to thank the Himalayan Map House for the online version of Kanchenjunga Trek Map. Also huge thanks to all those trekkers who trekked with us, being a part of Kanchenjunga Family. Mark Tregellas is now a core team of our blog. He revamped entire articles, making it easier to read for native speakers.

Kudos to everyone who helped us! Want to contribute? Check how you can help us


Pradeep Guragain (Co-founder)

Starting from Kanchenjunga in the east, Pradeep had trekked up to Upper Mustang in west. He knows many things about the Mountains. Similar to his friend Saugat, he also manage the website, handle emails, arrange logistic for trekkers. When he is off he like to go for hike around Kathmandu Ridges or go for a ride!

SAUGATSaugat Adhikari (Co-founder)

Saugat has trekked most of the mountains of Nepal. He loves the beauty of mountains and often trek to Himalayas in his free time. He do all the things from managing the website to going at the Airport to pickup the clients. When he is not working or hiking in the mountains, he will be mostly of his time listening to music or reading a book.

Kanchenjunga trek pack lunchDawa Sherpa (Leader)

Dawa is the warrior of Kanchenjunga. He had trekked Kanchenjunga more than 15 times and know the every details of it. He is responsible to make sure that the trekking of every clients goes well. He can also speak local language of kanchenjunga region which can be highly beneficial to communicate with local. He leads 6 to 8 groups each years.

Mark TregellasMark Tregellas (Contributor)

Mark Tregellas first travelled to Nepal in 1980. Since then he has visited over 56 countries but has never forgot the magic of the Himalayas during that first trip. Mark has helped us rewrite our website and currently lives in Australia with his wife and three children.